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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Clem Releases the Inspirational and Instructional M.D. and Me in Paperback

Margaret Clem announces the release of her latest book, "M.D. and Me, My Journey Out of Darkness". The book centers on the struggles and triumphs Clem has experienced as she battles macular degeneration. The book also features 100 useful tips for the sight-impaired to find greater ease in day to day tasks.

This book offers a valuable resource for people newly-diagnosed with M.D., or for their family and friends. Clem examines, the sometimes unexpected, emotional and physical hurdles that one might encounter when dealing with M.D.

Macular degeneration attacks the macula in the eye and leads to a slow and steady loss of vision until the patient is functionally blind. In the beginning stages of the disease, patients can often see well enough to do most daily tasks with only minor adjustments. As the disease progresses though, patients will have to make dramatic changes in some areas of their lives.

Clem also includes 100 clear and helpful tips to make adjustments for low-vision living. The tips cover all areas of life from shopping and handling money, to cooking and cleaning. These tips can help those with M.D. to live a more independent life.

The book is currently available through Clem's Etsy shop in paperback and will also soon be available in audiobook form.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Get Your Book Signed and Meet the Author

Come out to meet Margaret at the Vigo County Library in Terre Haute, IN on Thursday, September 16.  Ms. Clem will be in the lobby to sell, sign and personalize copies of her book, WHO SHOT THE SPATZIES? The book signing begins at 11:00 a.m. and the author will have books available for purchase. If you wish to purchase your book online, you may order one through Etsy or Barnes and Noble.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Margaret Clem Radio Interview with Danny Wayne

Recently Margaret was interviewed for an Indiana talk radio show entitled, "Focus on the Valley". In the interview, Margaret provides advice for young writers and talks about her recent book, Who Shot the Spatzies? Listen to the interview this Sunday on WIBQ FM or click here to listen to the podcast.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Signed Copies of "Who Shot the Spatzies?" Now Available Through Etsy

I'm proud to announce that Who Shot the Spatzies? is now available for purchase on Signed and unsigned copies are available for order directly from the author. There are only a limited number of signed copies available, so get yours today before they are gone!

Book stores can also order in bulk directly from Mayhaven publishing by calling the following numbers:
Local: 217 586 4493
Toll-Free: 866 586 4493

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The First Copies of "Who Shot the Spatzies?"

Last Sunday, publisher Doris Wenzel (pictured right) hand delivered the first printed and bound copy of "Who Shot the Spatzies?" to author Margaret Clem (pictured left). The two reviewed the book in the town in which the story is set, Terre Haute, IN.

Though the book will not be in stores for another month, Wenzel delivered a preliminary version for Clem to review.

The paperback book features a childhood photo of Clem and her older sister, Helen, in the middle of the pale blue cover. The book features a printed lock on the edge to make the book resemble the old locked journal that Clem wrote in as a child.

"Who Shot the Spatzies?" will be available soon for purchase in bookstores nationwide and through this site. Check back soon for purchasing information.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Historic Literature: "Who Shot the Spatzies?" Coming in April

Author Margaret Clem will be releasing a depression-era historical fiction book, "Who Shot the Spatzies?" during the month of April. The book is based on Clem's experiences during her youth as a young girl in depression-era Indiana.

The young-adult book documents Clem's struggles to understand her family's financial difficulties and the untimely death of her mother. Though dealing with these challenging topics, Clem manages to outline the small beauties of life during this tumultuous time in America's history.

The book reminds readers of the universal ability of the human spirit to prevail in the toughest of times. Told from a child's perspective, readers will be moved by how even the smallest person can endure the greatest hardships and retain a positive outlook on life.

Truly inspirational and fascinating, "Who Shot the Spatzies?" is an enjoyable and educational read for both children and adults.