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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Historic Literature: "Who Shot the Spatzies?" Coming in April

Author Margaret Clem will be releasing a depression-era historical fiction book, "Who Shot the Spatzies?" during the month of April. The book is based on Clem's experiences during her youth as a young girl in depression-era Indiana.

The young-adult book documents Clem's struggles to understand her family's financial difficulties and the untimely death of her mother. Though dealing with these challenging topics, Clem manages to outline the small beauties of life during this tumultuous time in America's history.

The book reminds readers of the universal ability of the human spirit to prevail in the toughest of times. Told from a child's perspective, readers will be moved by how even the smallest person can endure the greatest hardships and retain a positive outlook on life.

Truly inspirational and fascinating, "Who Shot the Spatzies?" is an enjoyable and educational read for both children and adults.

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